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Compleated Jobs:

Dale & Rea's Home Reno

The home owners decided to remodel all of the common areas in their lovely home. Thus the rooms affected by the change included: kitchen, dinning room, down stairs powder room, downstairs living room, front entry, upstairs family room, upstairs hallway/landing and the stairway. The home owners chose to take on most of the work themselves and contract out certain parts. Our task on this project was to do the drywall taping, sanding and priming in coordination with the other trades people.

In the downstairs living room and dinning room a special feature was added to the ceiling. A vaulted affect was created by building in a 6" drop bulkhead around the perimeter and in between the two rooms...see photos of the finished look. As for the rest of the project, our part was to tape all the new drywall, replace all corner beads with new bull nose (California corners) and repair (or should I say, resurface) all the rest of the existing walls. The 4' joint line that I talk about in some of our adds was extremely visible in this many others in this area of Ontario.

Completed Jobs:

Dale and Drew's Project:

This was an interesting senerio; in their basement stood an old tiled shower that had been improperly installed and leaked... than the carpenter ants found it. Thus between the dry-rot and ant damage shower was non functioning.

So what we did:

1)Demolish existing shower, walls and tile ceiling

2) Moved plumbing to inside walls (existing plumbing was against exterior basement wall)

3) Re-framed new shower enclosure under basement stairs

4) Drywall & taped the new walls and ceiling

5) Leveled the sub-floor

6) Installed new acrylic shower unit

7) Connect plumbing

8) Home owners painted

The Riverside Project (Master Bedroom)

This is the first completed room in an entire condo renovation.

What was done:

1)Removed carpet and under pad.

2) Removed all baseboard trim

3) Electrical upgrades

4) Drywall repair to the existing walls (inc. 2 skims of the entire wall surface)

5) Installed the sub-floor

6) Installed 5" mahogany flooring

7) Complete repaint